Good practice

Some general rules to have in mind while foraging in the city or elsewhere:

  1. Respect nature. Be gentle with trees and plants and think about animals that live from them. Use self-moderation while foraging: animals are feeding on it and other foragers will be happy to find something after you. Don’t dig out roots, it’s not a crop! Don’t take too much from each plant so it can reproduce and live a healthy life.
  2. Be respectful of people’s work. Some people take great care of a fruit tree or a patch of edibles, whether it is on their property or in public space. When it’s clear some people are taking care of it, it’s always better to ask and refrain if you don’t get a clear authorization.
  3. Share the harvest and give back. Share the harvest with people around, give something back to the place.
  4. Engage yourself in commoning sources of growing food. You may water young trees and bushes, plant new trees, disperse seeds, organize with your neighbours, lobby your municipality… That’s up to every forager to get the good stuff growing: the edible city is a commons!

These good practice principles are freely inspired from Mundraub’s rules.